Scarlet Lily Beetle / Raspberry Beetle

Lilioceris lilii - These little guys are a killer for lilies and fritillaries. As larvae these little guys munch through your flowers, before they disguise themselves as bird droppings by covering themselves with excrement before morphing into adults. The adults love to feed on flowers, leaves, and stems, before laying eggs upon the plants and starting the process all over again. Once again though, nature has a great solution for us!

Pyrethrum spray

Based on an age old technique of creating a contact insecticide from chrysanthemums, this spray works by attacking bugs on contact when sprayed. This is great news for ladybirds, lacewings, and other beneficial insects, as if they visit your plants to keep guard after spraying, they won't be harmed by the chemicals --- it only works on the bugs it is sprayed on. Also effective against Raspberry Beetles, Aphids, Greenflies, Blackflies, Whiteflies, and a range of other bugs. Take a look now and help save your flowers!