Rats and Mice!

Rattus sp. and Mus sp. - Unless kept as pets these little critters are often the most unwelcome of visitors. Prevalent almost everywhere - they can flourish in urban, suburban, and countryside settings with no problems. Rats are opportunistic survivors and therefore love to live near humans...scavenging from our scraps and debris whenever they get chance. Chances are we've all had them at one point, and with a mouse being able to produce 10-12 offspring every 25 days....so those two mice seen a few weeks ago could easily now be a quickly growing colony. Don't fear though! Nature has a range of solutions that can help drive away your furry foes!

Electronic and Ultrasonic

Grab your own personal Pied Piper! Electronic / Ultrasonic scarers are by far the most effective way or driving away rats, mice, and other pests. They work by emitting a pulse of sound and electromagnetic waves beyond human hearing ranges that rats, mice, and other pests can't stand, and are forced to scurry away elsewhere. No chemicals, no mess, no dead rats to clean up, easy set up, and definite immediate results! We have options for inside the home, outside in the garden, solutions for small problems, and large infestations. Jet spray devices also available --- get some turrets to ward off those pesky critters! Take a look!

Traps and Pads

Simple, but they work! Traps are typically a wire enclosure that is baited, you wait for the rodents to become trapped inside, before either humanely dispatch, or release them a safe distance from your home. Glue pads work by being placed where rats and mice frequently run, literally stopping them in their tracks for you to dispatch humanely.

Rat Pellets

A natural, effective alternative to using poisons --- using poison leads to numerous problems. Not only are you poisoning the rats and mice themselves, but also any cats, crows, foxes, or other wildlife that use them as lunch after they croak, as well as poisoning any patches of your garden that their remains decay on. Not what you want, especially if you have kids, eat from your garden, or spend much time there! Our rat and mouse pellets are the perfect solution --- they are made from natural plant extracts that disrupt the digestive system of the rats, causing them to die without the use of chemicals.

Many options are available for a full range of budgets. Take a look now!