Leporidae - Cute and cuddly, but these guys love to munch through all of your favourite greens! With a very rapid reproductive rate (producing up to 12 offspring every month!) a few little bunnies in the corner can suddenly become an army munching away at all of your plants, flowers, and veg! We do, however, have several options available to you to help deter these guys with minimal fuss.

Electronic / Ultrasonic

Grab your own personal Pied Piper! Electronic / Ultrasonic scarers are by far the most effective way or driving away rabbits, moles, rats, mice, and other pests. They work by emitting a pulse of sound and electromagnetic waves beyond human hearing ranges that rabbits, moles, rats, mice, and other pests can't stand, and are forced to scurry away elsewhere. No chemicals, no mess, no dead rabbits to clean up, easy set up, and definite immediate results! We have specialist options for moles, with underground pulsing spikes, solutions for small problems, and large infestations. Have a browse!

Guards / Scarers

Quite simply, guards work by surrounding your beds with a metal or plastic mesh. Great for putting a barrier between your crops and our furry friends, and quite cost effective! Perfect for protecting vital salad crops, flowers, and other rabbit hot spots! Scarers work by producing a vibration through a taught line, scaring away rabbits, birds and other pests. Take a look!


Simple, but they work! Traps are baited and curious rabbits enter to take a look, only to become trapped inside for you to either humanely dispatch or release a safe distance away from your home. Great for long term prevention, and those who prefer traditional methods. Have a look at our selection!