Although most moths are happy friendly little critters, helping to pollinate our gardens, we can sometime fall victim of some of their less friendly relatives. House moths, also known as clothes moths love to munch away at your favourite jumpers, and fruit moths, especially the plumb fruit moth, apple fruit moth, and codling moth, as they munch away at your fruits as they ripen, and even lay their eggs inside for the larvae to feed off the fruit. The last thing you want when you bite into the fruit you've been waiting for all year! Not to worry though! No matter what type of moth you have, nature has plenty of solutions to your moth woes! Search for the name of your moth on our moth page to find the best solution available.

Pheromone Traps

A simple, cheap, and effective solution. These traps contain pheromones (natural scent hormones) to attract moths to the trap before they can lay their eggs. Very easy to hang amongst your fruit trees, or throughout your orchard, and also available for inside the house. Take a look!


Often made of cedar, these work in the opposite way to a pheromone trap --- instead of a scent that attracts the moths, these repellants are a great non-toxic way of both getting rid and keeping rid of moths. Also available in various oil sprays, and even cedar coat hangers! Have a browse of the selection!

Cydia pomonella