Talpidae - Conjuring up quintessential English childhood images, courtesy of Wind in the Willows, Mr. Mole is a loved yet pesky garden visitor. Although quite amazing creatures, and smaller than most imagine them to be, a moles diet consists of your little garden pals --- the earthworm (essential for maintaing nutrients and good soil structure) and leave (lots!) of physical damage, especially to that lawn you've been caring for all summer! Don't fear though! We can help you to deter moles from your lawn without having to hurt or kill the little guys. 

Electronic / Ultrasonic

Grab your own personal Pied Piper! Electronic / Ultrasonic scarers are by far the most effective way or driving away moles, rats, mice, and other pests. They work by emitting a pulse of sound and electromagnetic waves beyond human hearing ranges that moles, rats, mice, and other pests can't stand, and are forced to scurry away elsewhere. No chemicals, no mess, no dead moles to clean up, easy set up, and definite immediate results! We have specialist options for moles, with underground pulsing spikes, solutions for small problems, and large infestations. Have a browse!


Our favourites are the garlic granules --- they double as a biostimulant, fetilising your garden! Completely non-toxic and safe for the environment, pets, and kids, these repellants work by producing scents (you won't notice them yourself!) that moles dislike and force them to burrow deeper and go elsewhere. They do work -- have you ever seen a mole hill in a patch of wild garlic? Take a look now!


Although unavailable for quite some time due to their harsh and dangerous chemicals, we have found a natural, safe solution. Based on castor oil, these smokes coat the inside of mole tunnels creating a physical barrier that forces them to go elsewhere. Harmless to the environment, kids, and your pets! Feel free to have a browse!