Leatherjackets and Grubs

Leatherjackets are the larval stage of the crane fly / daddy long legs, and destroy your plants, and especially on lawns, by feeding on their roots, preventing your plant from taking up vital water and nutrients. Damage to grass is typically seen as yellow patches, slowed growth, and can easily be pulled up with poor root structure. Not to worry though, our friends the nematodes can come to the rescue!


Nematoda - One of the most diverse types of animals, these microscopic worms can be a gardeners best friend. Predatory nematodes can be used to invade slug, snail, and leatherjacket populations, actually entering and breeding inside the slug, releasing many more nematodes into your soil. Unlike chemical alternatives, nematodes don't pose a threat to birds, cats, frogs, and toads, etc. that go on to eat the remnants of the slug. Good work all around! Take a look at the options available.

 Tipula sp.