Cats and Dogs

Felis catus and Canis lupus - Mans best friends, but they certainly get up to so mischief! They're active, mischievous, love to dig holes, chuck soil about, and leave little messes everywhere. The only problem is they don't mind where they do it! Especially with cats, your garden can soon become a kitties favourite haunt, especially if you are encouraging wildlife to be present :) Don't fear though! We've got several harmless options to keep the pets out of that vital part of the garden!

Electronic / Ultrasonic

Grab your own personal Pied Piper! Electronic / Ultrasonic scarers are by far the most effective way or driving away cats, dogs, moles, rats, mice, and other pests. They work by emitting a pulse of sound and electromagnetic waves beyond human hearing ranges that cats, dogs, moles, rats, mice, and other pests can't stand, and are forced to scurry away elsewhere. No chemicals, no mess, no harm to animals, easy set up, and definite immediate results! We have solutions to suit all sizes, for small problems, and large congregations of kitties. Jet sprays also available, set up your own discrete guard towers! Have a browse!