Although they make a lovely addition to any garden, and we strongly encourage the use of feeders and baths to promote bird life, the do love to have a good munch on our berries, seeds, and the garden as a whole! Thats why we've got a range of solutions that can keep birds and other pests off the veg patch and let them roam free around the rest of the garden.

Physical Scarers

From dummy predators, bird-shaped kites, and reflective lines, we've got it all! Solutions for veg and pond bird problems in a variety of often decorative shapes! These products work by relying on the birds natural fear of predators, noise, or disturbance, and we have found great results from the use of kites especially. We also offer jet water sprays - a sensor detects intruders into your garden and fires a jet of water at them, driving them off!

Electronic and Ultrasonic

Want a solution less intrusive in your garden, have a persistent problem, or want instant results? Electronic / Ultrasonic scarers are by far the most effective way or driving away birds and other pests. They work by emitting a pulse of sound and electromagnetic waves that birds and other pests can't stand to listen to and are forced to fly away elsewhere. No chemicals, easy set up, and definite immediate results!

Tale a look now to see our entire selection of solutions to your bird-based problems!