Natural Gardening

For the majority of time that humans have been involved in the cultivation of plants, people have observed nature and used its laws and dynamics to their advantage, however in recent history we have largely resorted to intensive, chemical based, short term solutions that not only damage plants, the land around them, all the natural bugs and plants present, and the people that consume them (you, me, and your kids!), but also generate a large carbon footprint in their production. Using simple solutions that look at the way that nature controls and regulates itself, we can provide effective, long-term, environmentally beneficial applications that promote healthy, vigorous plant growth, and benefit the ecosystem of your garden and the local area.


Mycorrhizae are a special type of fungi that live in symbiosis with the root system of many plants, acting as a secondary root system that is able to search deeper and wider into soils, providing more access to water. Because the fungi has a different structure to roots, they are able to actively seek and take in micronutrients that your plant would not be able to take in by itself. Mycorrhizaes can also spread and connect plant root systems together, sharing beneficial chemicals (such as the plant's natural pest control chemicals) between plants, making your garden stronger and healthier as a whole. With their ability to breakdown valuable resources locked away from your plants in the soil, using mycorrhizae will maximise the potential of your plant, with no chemicals needed!

Natural Predators and Pest Control

Natural Predators
Adding chemical pesticides to your garden will not only kill whatever is munching on your plants, but wipes out all the beneficial bugs like spiders and ladybirds that naturally keep the bad ones in check. What ends up happening? You kill off all the bad guys, but because all the good guys got wiped out too, the bad bugs can easily move back in and fully take over with no beneficial bugs to fight them off. What's the answer? Adding natural predators (such as ladybirds, predatory mites, etc.) will boost your gardens natural defenses, not only wiping out the bad bugs, but leaving a strong line of defense incase of return! Like having hundreds of mini soldiers protecting your plants!
Diatomaceous Earth
Made up of the fossilised remains of diatoms (a type of algae), the powder absorbs lipids from the exoskeletons of insects and bugs, causing them to dehydrate. Works on slugs, snails, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, and a whole lot more! Use its application carefully as you may wipe out beneficial bugs if used extensively.

Read our Natural Pest Control Info section for a full range of specific advice, or feel free to have a browse of the selection on our products page!

Natural Fertilisers

Fertilising with chemicals can degrade and pollute your garden, killing off many beneficial fungi (myocrrhizae), bacteria, and bugs. We have many natural solutions for a wide range of plants and situations --- take a look at our product section for the full selection. From seaweed to chicken poo, fossilised algae to bone meal, there is an option suited for every situation, every plant, and every type of soil. Have a read of the product descriptions to check the suitability for your use. These products provide fertilisation the way that nature intended it, providing your plant with the valuable nutrients they need, without degrading your soils and their microscopic ecosystems -- the foundations of your garden.

Don't forget about mycorrhizae! These clever little fungi are one of the best and easiest way to give your plants access to all the nutrients that are locked away from them within the soil, and also provide massive benefits in taking in water in times of drought (or if you forget :) ) See above for more details.


Feeling the winter blues coming on? Theres no need to stop gardening! Using an all natural hydroponic system will enable you to grow a wide selection of plants year round, with massive yields!

Don't be daunted if you've seen expensive kits on the net before...we've selected a range of products that are able to suit all budgets and skill levels from complete beginner to expert. And, if you'd like to learn more, we've found some great books too!

Hyroponics also provides a great wintertime hobby...when its getting dark early and there's not much light in the day time, why not brighten up your life by learning about and setting up your own little patch of winter-time life!

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