Indoor Gardening and Hydroponics --- surely they are way too expensive for me.....Not anymore!

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 Indoor Gardening

Once the reserve of spider plants in the corner, herbs on the windowsill, and those with big budgets and big space, indoor gardening has progressed massively in recent years. With the advent of LED grow lights, it is now very possible, and rather cheap to set up your own indoor allotment! Think of fresh organic salads throughout the winter, tomatoes in January, and your little green corner brightening up those dark winter nights! Have a read of our info to get started.


Although technically a form of indoor gardening, hydroponics utelise a soil free system of growing plants that gives massively increased produce. Plants absorb their nutrients through water, not the soil itself, and hydroponic systems take advantage of this, constantly delivering plants a tailor made selection of nutrients and micronutrients to optimise their growth, giving you the biggest, best, tastiest organic plants you've ever grown. Get started by having a read of our hydroponic info section.