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This months highlights

Natural Predators --- sick of those bugs and slugs munching away at all of your new plants? Try a natural predator such as ladybirds predatory mites, lacewings, or nematodes to put the balance back in your favour. No nasty chemicals, no risk of damaging your plants, and plenty of benefits in seasons to come! Protect your garden now to keep it pest free over summer.

Take a look at some of our favorites below, or head to our Dedicated Natural Pest Control Info Page, full of advice for everything from aphids and mealybugs to rats and moles, or check out our Natural Pest Control Page for the full selection or products!

For info and advice on natural gardening and the products available, check out our info page!

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We are your reliable professional spot on the net to find advice and products on natural gardening. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative natural solutions to caring for your own little patch of nature.

Natural Gardening

Gardening using natural methods provides a safe, natural, chemical free, and often more effective way of fertilising, pest control, and general care of your garden.

Never considered natural gardening? Want to learn more about gardening with natural techniques? Take a look at our info page for a bit of reading material. Know what you're looking for? Head over and take a look at our products.

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You name it and we can provide it. We've selected the best products available from around the web, and all orders are processed by Amazon, so you can be sure of a speedy and reliable service you can trust! With thousands of products available, you can be sure to find everything you need to care for your garden in the way nature intended. Take a look now!

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